Kristen Bendheim


My love for yoga began in my twenties. I took my first class with Jan Campbell of the Yoga Center of Nashville. I will never forget my feelings after that class. I had a calm and clarity I’d never felt. I felt as though whatever had gone on before class was washed away. My body was literally buzzing. Looking back, I think it was my first experience feeling the power of the mind and body working together. It was life changing and led to the beginning of my yoga journey.


My weekly physical practice soon grew into a love of the inner transformation I was experiencing. The awareness in my body grew. I became more intuitive in my daily life. My mind and body began to feel like home in a way I had not experienced before. Physically, the discipline created in me a stronger, more flexible body and the ability to stay focused and be in the present moment. My practice continues to be my haven where I reconnect and find stillness in my mind and healing movement through my body.


Over the years, my practice has evolved through study, play, and being open to change. It is an honor to guide my students toward their potential and goals. In our practice we use the breath as the link to stay present in the mind and move with awareness in the body. Mind Body Breath; this is the alchemy of yoga.

— Kristen



• RYT 200hr White Crow Yoga (Krishnamacharya, Desikachar, and Guruji Dr. Asana Andiappan of Chennai, India)

• 50 hours CE: Yin Yoga

• CYI: Yoga for the Special Child® (The Sonia Sumar Method)

• Yoga therapy for children and teens with special needs and developmental delays