What my clients are saying

I knew from the first class with Kristen that I had found something that would enhance my yoga practice and change my life. Going deeper with the yin practice has opened my body, while allowing my mind to focus, be still, and just be. It is the highlight of my week. I am so grateful for this experience. Kristen is a thoughtful, dedicated teacher who makes us all feel safe and cared for. This class will benefit anyone.
Denise P.
Kristen is a warm and generous teacher, who encourages and challenges students of all levels to mindfully go deeper into both their inner and outer practices. I'm so grateful to have discovered her, and take as many of her classes as I possibly can.
Jennifer K.
Relaxing! Challenging! Healing! Exhilarating! Kristen, I’m amazed how you take Yoga to a new level in the different styles you teach. You always tailor class to meet my ability and needs. You Rock!
Marsha J.
I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 15 years, and since moving to Nashville three years ago, I’ve rarely missed a weekly class with Kristen. Kristen is a highly intentional practitioner who is always expanding her knowledge base and who cares deeply about the needs of her students. She is able to adjust her teaching style to accommodate all experience levels and formats. (Zoom included!) A truly wonderful yogini.
Holly S.
I came to Kristen’s class at a low point in my life. Had never practiced yoga. Nervous to enter a strange studio. But all that melted away under her teaching. She is the perfect balance of a patient, compassionate teacher blended with a persistent, challenging coach. In her class, I always feel safe to be right where I am in my personal journey of growth and, at the same time, inspired to find my edge. Her deep knowledge of yoga and passion for it permeate every class. She’s a true master, very attuned to her students and helps each one to improve their technique. Whether you are considering yoga for the first time or are looking for a teacher to take your seasoned practice to the next level, Kristen’s class is, by far, the best I’ve been to. She is my yoga home.
Marvin P.
After signing up for an Ironman race, fitting in enough weekly training during the week was difficult. What made it even more challenging is that Injuries were a constant battle. These would slow down my training which would keep me from progressing. Someone suggested Yoga and I was fortunate to find Kristen. She was patient and has a unique gift in listening and watching. After a few months I was able to incorporate her teachings into my routines which kept my injuries to a minimum. This allowed me more time to train and gave me better results on race day. I am huge fan of hers and highly recommend!
Greg G.
I’ve been taking weekly classes with Kristen for over 4 years. Her instruction is always thoughtful and clear. She has a wonderfully calm and soothing demeanor- whether guiding us through the intensity of a yin pose or kicking our butts (actually, abs) with repeated rounds of boat pose. She is always ready for whatever we students bring to class, willing to adapt but also pushing us to try something new.
Mary M.
As a life long martial arts practitioner I balance out my training with Yoga. Kristen is a great teacher and healer. She uses Yoga to rebalance the body and the mind. I rank Kristen as one of the top yoga instructors I have trained under. Be preprepared to be challenged, encouraged and feel incredible.
Dale S.